The Team

Science belongs to everyone.

// New for 2018 //

The March for Science, Geneva, organizing group stands in solidarity with the marches taking place around the world this 14 April 2018. Science is still under attack, and the abuse and misuse of science to facilitate prejudice and oppression continues.

Thus, 2018 is a crucial year to march for science and to do the difficult work in confronting and dismantling the forces that have engendered the current situation.

To that end, instead of an action on 14 April in Switzerland, March for Science, Geneva, is focused on the after-the-march work. Stay tuned for more information about a Science March Switzerland Symposium in the early fall of 2018, featuring speakers, panels, and discussion about how to counteract this anti-science and abuse-of-science moment and to construct a more equitable world where science belongs to everyone.

We encourage everyone who can to visit a march close to them — in Germany, France, Italy, and elsewhere — on 14 April and stand up for science. Find a march here.

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22 Avril 2017 -- Jardin Anglais, Genève, Suisse

10h00 -- meet at Jardin Anglais

10h30 -- Rally

11h00 -- March

12h00-14h30 -- Celebration of Science event

Organizing committee:

  • Tien-Tien Yu
  • John Warner
  • Courtney Thomas
  • Giordon Stark
  • Clara Nellist
  • Robert Langenberg
  • Tova Holmes
  • Hannah Herde
  • Lukas Heinrich
  • Sabine Fleury
  • Babette Döbrich
  • Daphne Donis
  • Cari Cesarotti
  • Elizabeth Brost
  • James Beacham

And extreme thanks to all our volunteers!